lend (one's) name to (something)

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lend (one's) name to (something)

To give one's formal and public support to something. Now that we've got a big movie star lending his name to our campaign, we're finally starting to get the traction we've wanted.
See also: lend, name

lend your name to something

allow yourself to be publicly associated with something.
See also: lend, name, something

lend your ˈname to something

(formal) let it be known in public that you support or agree with something: Famous actors sometimes lend their names to political causes.
See also: lend, name, something
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Hearts intend to lend their name to an existing women's team, Guilliano's, who are jointly sponsored by an Edinburgh restaurant and Arniston Rangers junior football club.
We feel most fortunate to have the endorsement and support of such distinguished and respected citizens willing to lend their name and time to help destitute and addicted men and their families reclaim their lives," said Alan Craft, president and chairman of the mission's Board of Trustees.
Over the years, she has been able to persuade more soap stars, the crew from the current ``Star Trek'' television show and well-known actors such as James Woods to lend their name and support to the event.
When Afleet Alex's owners (all Philadelphia-area residents) learned of Alex's efforts, they decided to lend their name and support, including donating a portion of Afleet Alex's winnings to the charity.
We are thrilled at the level of support we've already received and are very grateful for those who have stepped forward to prominently lend their name to such a worthwhile cause," said Flamson, capital campaign co-chair.
Though most of the spiders are not much larger than a quarter, many have big namesakes: Cesar Chavez, entertainer Penn Jillette and photographer Dorothea Lange all lend their names to new species.
It's another to have these people lend their names to you to raise money for your organization.
Now, the stalwarts of the two-wheel world - Schwinn, GT and Mongoose - will lend their names to Currie Technologies' scooters debuting in stores in September.
will lend their names to what management believes to be a very
We are proud to have legends such as these lend their names to our special AOL 8.
The PPFA Board of Advocates, which Turner has chaired since 1995, is composed of more than 300 prominent individuals who lend their names, their time and their voices to advocate for reproductive health and rights for all.