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The illustrations lend credence to the poems as well.
Plans were drawn up (at public expense) to lend credence to this project but all came to nothing when the planning for the runway lengthening at Birmingham was approved.
The global and regional developments only lend credence to those conspiracy theories.
Tagalog deceitfully claimed that he is a member of VACC to lend credence to his accusation against Mayor Duterte and to mislead the public, for his own personal gains and benefits, and that of his handlers, cohorts and the 'man behind,' the complaint added.
The Cabinet members were not ready to lend credence to the senior officials of Finance Ministry claim that the inflation has been brought down to single digit form whooping 25 percent.
Though initially he indicated supporting Pranab, he is apprehensive it might lend credence to the rival parties' allegations that the TDP is hand in glove with the Congress," a source said.
After Spain received a EUR100bn bailout package from its eurozone partners, it had requested two audits to lend credence to its banking system.
Does this lend credence to the theory that the Jewish soul singer died from going cold turkey?
The author's experience and background give him an unusual vantage point and lend credence to his analysis and proposals.
The author contended that these results lend credence to the argument that the relationship between alcohol and mortality is causal.
Exciting news which would lend credence to an interview given by Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in December, in which he hinted that the decision to axe the cash could be reversed.
They wrote: "Our findings lend credence to the hypothesis that an ocean formed on early Mars as part of a global and active hydrosphere.
These two factors alone lend credence to the "arcade" type ammunition taking over the game.
A pottery shard discovered in Israel probably does not refer to the biblical Goliath, but does lend credence to the story surrounding him, claims a Purdue University professor of library science.
Hahn's utterances lend credence to the fact that in order to maintain our republic, we must be eternally vigilant and involved.