References in classic literature ?
He lent us the money to become our creditor; and he lends us the yacht to give another handle to the people who are saying already that he occupies the position in our family which is more fully recognized on the other side of the Channel
I dare say," I went on, meaning to be very severe, "that you wouldn't lend money to any of us, if we wanted it.
We said that as you put it in your pocket very glad to get it, you seemed to be immensely amused at his being so weak as to lend it.
A STAG asked a Sheep to lend him a measure of wheat, and said that the Wolf would be his surety.
And when he came back he told the animals it was all right--the sailor was going to lend them the boat.
Since the government was assuming the risk anyway--and since the maze of banks and guaranty agencies had proven to be a nightmare of waste and abuse--why not lend money directly from the federal Treasury?