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legislate against something

to prohibit something; to pass a law against something. You can't just legislate against something. You have to explain to people why they shouldn't do it. The Congress has just legislated against insolvent banks.
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legislate for something

to pass a law that tries to make something happen. The candidate pledged to legislate for tax relief. We support your efforts to legislate for lower taxes.
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Location matters--More so than for most other coverages, workers compensation is a local item, affected by the intricacies of the individual jurisdictions' claims environments and legislated benefit structure.
i) Under financial accounting rules, all tax assets and liabilities recorded in a company's balance sheet must reflect legislated tax rates.
Altering the shape of the budget window, to include perhaps many years, but counting later years progressively less, would eviscerate both of these incentives, leaving the timing of legislated provisions to be determined by their merits, not budget politics.
The industry is dealing with compliance with several government regulations including the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the anti-money laundering USA PATRIOT Act; and state legislated opt-in/opt-out privacy mandates.
What success the Federal Reserve has had in carrying out its legislated responsibilities in recent decades derives from many sources.
A few issues ago we wrote in this column that Washington seemed to be talked out and legislated out on the subjects of financing Medicaid and Medicare.
When censorship is legislated, its targets are at the whim of current political leaders.
Congress also should raise the qualifying retirement ages beyond those already legislated and increase the limits on earnings for retirees.
I do not want the FASB legislated out of existence.
This video blends humor with politics and individual experience with a chorus of voices to explore what it is really like to live with a disability in America--where pervasive discrimination and bureaucratic "helping" systems too often keep people with disabilities trapped in a labyrinth of government rules and legislated poverty.
Bell insists love cannot be legislated and racism is here to stay.
Self-imposed restraint by the media would cut publicity, but legislated curbs on reporting amount to censorship, Kerr adds.
Burns, a member of the NAEHCA Board of Directors, stated that legislated benefits are not the solution and that managed care is the American model.
This same documentation also allows compliance with legislated standards like SOX and HIPAA in the U.
He said that the PPP led government which had been in power for the last three years, should have legislated over the issue.