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legislate against (something)

To ban, prohibit, or forbid something through legislation. As it stands, over 20 states still legislate against recreational marijuana, despite the federal government lifting its own ban earlier this year. I just don't think the government should legislate against things like cheap junk food.
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legislate for (something)

To allow something to happen or take effect through legislation. The president has been a staunch supporter of healthcare reforms since taking office. Congress has successfully legislated for raising the age at which one is allowed to purchase alcohol.
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legislate against something

to prohibit something; to pass a law against something. You can't just legislate against something. You have to explain to people why they shouldn't do it. The Congress has just legislated against insolvent banks.
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legislate for something

to pass a law that tries to make something happen. The candidate pledged to legislate for tax relief. We support your efforts to legislate for lower taxes.
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He warned them they had until Monday to produce a written agreement or he would be forced to legislate for a budget.
He will say that the Scottish Parliament "does not have power to legislate for a referendum on independence".
Chairwoman Menna Machreth said: "We will be emphasising that the right to legislate over the Welsh language are transferred completely from London to Wales.
Dear Editor, The Tories say it is unfair that the Scottish and Welsh MPs sitting at Westminster can legislate for England over matters which in their own countries are controlled by the Scottish Parliament let alone the Welsh Assembly.
Land Supreme Court decision is clearly a victory of sorts for insurers who are defrauded by insureds on claims, the industry would be well advised to recognize the emergence of a court that will not hesitate to presume legislative intent in a statute and to legislate from the bench to suit its purposes.
There needs to be at the next Lambeth Conference a discussion on authority within the Anglican Communion and I would ask that the office of Archbishop of Canterbury be given additional authority to legislate and counsel decisions of faith and morals within the church.
We have to make sure that we legislate, if we do legislate, in a sensible way.
Between the Welsh Assembly, Holyrood and the proposed North East version, the Scots have the most power, with the ability to legislate.
Starting with an introduction, the first section addresses, "Why Christians Shouldn't Legislate Morality.
To protect that income, Chile in 2004 will legislate sport fishing to better sustain trout and salmon populations.
Bush merely criticized situations where courts actually legislate over what has already been legislated by the proper power, the legislature, irrespective of constitutional issues, something which is all too common.
On behalf of Tax Executives Institute (TEI), I am writing to express TEI's disappointment with the announced intention to legislate a rollback of corporate income taxes to 2001 levels.
political arena by instructing American Catholic voters how to vote and American Catholic public officials how to legislate.
Yes, I agree that we can't legislate morality and common sense, but underwriting isn't legislation, and that could be a good starting point.