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More and more women are choosing leggings as their main choice for their leg fashion wardrobe this season as new innovative styles and fabric blends are introduced.
National Leggings Month is a 30 day observance of the growing depth of style and design in the realm of women's leg fashion.
com) (Pink Sheets:BRAV) announced today that the month of June is "National Leggings Month" for 2012.
The concept of a "complete" women's fashion retailer for the legs is one which will still focus on leggings and legging peripherals but also provide a range of other leg fashion products such as maxi skirts and hosiery.
Product relevance is a key factor in BRAVADA's growth model by offering a wide selection of fashion legging styles of varying shapes, fabrics, colors and designs.
BRAVADA has added a number of legging product categories such as; Sexy Leggings, Seamless Leggings, Animal Print Leggings, Hip Hop Leggings, Fun Leggings and Metallic Leggings.
com's Collection includes bold black and white patterns, wide vertical stripes, zesty floral prints, mesh panel constructed leggings and leg fashion with a splash of "sexy" undertones blended in.
com) (Pink Sheets:BRAV) announced today it has launched a new collection of children's leggings and has added over 100 new leg fashion styles for the spring season.
World of Leggings is one of the largest online retailers of women's leg fashion and specializes in Made in the USA leggings from basic leggings, retro leggings, mesh leggings, jumpsuits, bell bottom leggings, cotton leggings, bodystockings and more.
BRAVADA International's (BRAV) women's leg fashion business has grown dramatically over the past few months and is looking to continue to expand its market share for its fashion leading women's leggings, bodysuits, shorts, bell bottom leggings and more throughout the United States.