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leg it

slang To go somewhere on foot, often quickly. Leg it, guys, the cops are here! We really need to leg it if we're going to make this bus! My car ran out of gas two miles from my house so I just had to leg it home.
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ˈleg it

(informal, especially British English) run, especially in order to escape from somebody: We saw the police coming and legged it down the road.
See also: leg


mod. alcohol intoxicated. She has this strange tendency to get a little loop-legged when she has four or five drinks.
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Judging by the enthusiastic response to our advertising campaign and the increasing number of fans the website attracts every day, audiences are eager to see `Eight Legged Freaks.
In "Eight Legged Freaks," starring David Arquette, the residents of a rural mining town are terrorized by chemically altered spiders that grow overnight to the size of SUVs and come looking for food.
Pictures presents, in association with Village Roadshow Pictures and NPV Entertainment, An Electric Entertainment Production, starring David Arquette: "Eight Legged Freaks," also starring Kari Wuhrer, Scott Terra, Doug E.
Researchers have discovered that human runners and animals such as cats sometimes adopt a simple, symmetric gait that is more often associated with legged robots than with animals.
For a legged system running at a constant speed with a stable upright posture, the net acceleration of the body over an entire stride must be zero.
The importance of symmetry in the control of legged robots," says Raibert, "raises the question of what role symmetry may play in the behavior of running animals.