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And after World War I, the Soviet experience disrupted the left, stood the public meaning of socialism on its head, and made the party unable to focus on the changes of this new era.
I wrote that "the Cold War seems more like an end--or rather a detour from history--a time when the left was disoriented and the political life of the nation became one-dimensional.
In a book stuffed with embarrassing anecdotes, my favorite involves Robert Scheer, a former editor of the New Left magazine Ramparts, who now appears in such reputable outlets as the Los Angeles Times and National Public Radio.
He grew disillusioned with orthodox Marxism, adopting first the pro-Soviet but anti-Stalinist views of Isaac Deutscher, and then a more eclectic New Left socialism.
When two distinguished left-wing intellectuals weigh in with books on the fate of the left in the United States, it's worth taking a close look at their arguments.
A historian by trade, Weinstein is the author of such big books as The Corporate Ideal in the Liberal State, The Decline of Socialism in America, and Ambiguous Legacy: The Left in American Politics.
13: Tight, downhill 396-yarder with OB right and hazard left, both tee through green, and a small landing area to earn a flat lie for an approach shot.
12: Grip it and rip it on this straightaway 451-yarder with OB left tee through green.
11- This narrow, 222-yard par-3 in Griffith Park challenges with OB right, an overhanging tree just left of the tee, thick rough down the left, greenside mounds and occasional wind.
A hillside right and fairway bunker left make it a tough driving hole, and a long, narrow green is severely sloped and protected by bunkers.