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leer at someone

to gaze at someone flirtatiously or with lust. Why are you leering at that woman in the bikini? Stop leering at me!
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His hysterical laughter was slowly changing into cries of rage while the silly leer upon his face was supplanted by a ferocious scowl and up-curled lips, which revealed the sharpened fangs beneath.
The little boys seemed to leer gloatingly at the blood upon the other child's face.
If your cask is leer, I warrant your purse is full, gaffer," shouted Hordle John.
inquired the miller's daughter, counterfeiting, as nearly as she could, a favourite leer of the corn-factor.
Her body was bent by age; her limbs trembled with palsy; her face, distorted into a mumbling leer, resembled more the grotesque shaping of some wild pencil, than the work of Nature's hand.
said a man with a squinting leer, who sculled her and who was alone, 'I know'd you was in luck again, by your wake as you come down.
Pickwick was prepared with no observation in reply; and the old man checking his impetuosity, and resuming the leer, which had disappeared during his previous excitement, said--
MSF operation was suspended in Leer county since October following renewed violence between South Sudanese warring parties in the area, some 130 kilometres south of Unity state's capital, Bentiu.
Ongoing hostilities in Unity state have now obliged all non-governmental organizations and UN agencies to evacuate staff from Leer and other locations," UN Aid Chief in South Sudan Toby Lanzer said in a statement.
Van Leer, as Nelson Mandela, retells the remarkable, inspiring story from his early life and education through to taking up the leadership of the South African people's struggle against the evil apartheid regime.
Aanvanklik lyk dit dus asof die Leer se stryd te doen het met Suid-Afrika se oorgang na 'n demokrasie in die vroee negentigerjare.
I'm all smiles," said Leer, prior to boarding a jet with OTC Elite teammate Nick Symmonds for the arduous 30-hour journey to the Middle East country that borders Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf.
While in the US Mr Leer, who studies at the University of Bradford, researched policy, drafted legislation, attended hearings, briefings and press conferences, and gave constituents tours of Capitol Hill He was also given the opportunity to address delegates, including members of congress such as Patrick Kennedy, at a Congressional Forum on Capitol Hill Speaking on the future of Northern Ireland, Mr Leer commented: "The future holds the promise of an era of peace, prosperity and partnership, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the best is yet to come".