lecture for

lecture (one) for (something)

To give one a stern, chastising talk to one for some mistake or failing. He started lecturing me again for not doing my share of chores around the house. Instead of just lecturing your staff for not meeting their sales targets, try incentivizing them in various ways.
See also: lecture

lecture someone for something

to give someone a talking-to about something. Please don't lecture me for being late. It won't help now, will it? There is no point in lecturing us for something we didn't do.
See also: lecture
References in classic literature ?
He will no more than pay the price of listening to a lecture for any atrocity he commits.
Furthermore, the action of attending a lecture to learn from a proclaimed expert entails passive listening and absorption of information; the listener is not expected to interrogate the lecture for the ways in which authority is constructed and conveyed.
I began this paper with questions regarding the lecture as a medium of instruction that sprang from my reaction to Duflo's inaugurating lecture for the annual Bocconi lectures.
Registration required in advance for each lecture For more information or reservations, visit ww.
The average lesson plan was neatly formatted, presented sound objectives for the week's lectures, and clearly outlined each history lecture for the week.