lecture at

lecture at (one)

To give one a stern talk meant to educate or enlighten. Every time my parents start lecturing at me about fiscal responsibility, I just try to tune them out. Instead of just lecturing at your staff, why don't you try leading by example?
See also: lecture

lecture at someone (about something)

to talk to someone about something in the manner of a lecture. There is no need to lecture at me about the problem. I know how serious the matter is. Don't lecture at me all the time!
See also: lecture
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69% opined that they could attend one lecture at the most if the lecture duration was kept for 1 hour, while 20.
Sometimes we don't understand the lecture at that moment, that's why this facility has been very useful for us to better understand the lecture and extract the most important points.
Architect Rafael Vinoly, author of "Think New York: A Ground Zero Diary," and a finalist in the World Trade Center design competition, will be guest speaker at the first lecture at 7 World Trade Center on the 52nd floor.
Chinese teachers usually summarize the main idea of a lecture at the end of it.
Exploring the history and meanings of the word "nigger" helps strip it of its racist power, Harvard Law School professor Randall Kennedy said in a recent lecture at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Atlanta (Capitol): Victor Clark: CAPITAL Letters: Noon lecture at the Georgia State Capital in the CAM Education Room.
Some years ago its "social justice centre" invited Marion Boyd, Ontario's former NDP Attorney General, a pro-abortion feminist and champion of "gay" laws, to lecture at one of its symposiums.
The Bank drawings were made before Soane started to lecture at the Royal Academy.
Interactive lectures are classes in which the instructor breaks the lecture at least once per class to have students participate in an activity that lets them work directly with the material.