leave mark

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leave your/its mark (on somebody/something)

also leave a mark (on somebody/something)
to have an effect that changes someone or something Another storm left its mark on California, knocking down trees and power lines across the state.
Usage notes: often used in the phrase leave your mark on the world (to be successful or famous): I hope to leave my mark on the world through my music.
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I want the thrill and awe of Devils Tower to flow through my pen, to score paper with ballpoint leave marks as distinct as the grizzly bear's claws made on the rock.
They are tight and uncomfortable and my shoes leave marks on my feet.
Everyone's fingerprints are different, and we leave marks on everything we touch.
You wrap soap in a blanket so it won't leave marks, but it hurts like it did.
It's hardly the most practical of outfits - prone to melting in packed night- clubs and could leave marks on taxi upholstery - although it could double up as a late night snack after a great night out.
Researchers also found three sites using the notorious computer "cookies" - programs that leave marks on the user's hard drive, without the user's knowledge, through which the Web server can monitor the visitor's use of the site.