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leave (someone or something) (at) (some place)

To depart from a certain location without bringing someone or something; to abandon or forsake someone or something at a particular location. I left the kids at my sister's house so I could go to my doctor's appointment. For one day only, you can leave anything you don't want at the curb, and the city will collect it for free.
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leave someone or something (at)

 some place
1. to abandon someone or something at some place. Don't leave me here by myself! Betty left her newspaper at the table, hoping someone else would enjoy it.
2. to allow someone or something to remain at some place. You leave me here and go on ahead. Please leave your packages at the door.
3. to allow someone or something to stay behind through forgetfulness. I left my glasses behind on my desk. I was left at the movie theater by mistake.


/let alone
To refrain from disturbing or interfering.
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Article (107) specifies terms for maternity leave and breastfeeding breaks for women officers.
This means if, for example, an employee has three children aged under five; s/he can take twelve weeks parental leave in that year.
The subject of the day is tracking employees' use of family leave.
They said, "if the parties had intended to confer any additional benefits to employees on maternity leave in the new Collective Agreement, their intent should have been clearly stated.
To balance the interests of the employer in maintaining a set workforce and the personal situations of employees, there are limitations on the eligibility for FMLA leave.
About 62% of employers said they found tracking intermittent leave "very to extremely difficult," according to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management.
The priest maintained that he "wasn't encouraging people to leave the church," but that he had helped draft the petition because "it's part of my job to give voice to those who wouldn't otherwise be able to speak; to define reality and put it on the table.
USERRA REQUIRES THAT IF A MILITARY LEAVE of absence is less than 91 days, returning employees must be reinstated to the position they held or would have held if they had been continuously employed without interruption for military reasons.
Daydreaming about the many compelling leave options, not confining oneself to study and research, in itself is often wondrously energizing.
Canada, on the other hand, has bad a nationally mandated and paid leave for six months program since 1971.
If possible, leave while your boss is still the center of attention and flying high.
The scenario I see most typically involves the interrelationship between the Family and Medical Leave Act and Worker's Compensation leave.
was the only country that lacked nationally legislated provisions for leave for pregnancy and childbirth.