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(used before a noun) Having an extremely or inordinately loud or strong voice, as of someone with very robust lungs. Despite her petite frame, the leather-lunged lead singer was able to shake the audience with her soulful outpourings.

as ever trod shoe-leather

As ever walked the earth; as ever lived. You're as talented a baseball player as ever trod shoe-leather!
See also: ever, trod

go hell for leather

To act very quickly. When her ex-boyfriend walked into the party, Patty went hell for leather to get out of there.
See also: hell, leather

be (as) tough as shoe leather

1. To have physical strength and/or be rarely sick or injured. Marty has played in 500 straight games—he's tough as shoe leather. Bert is as tough as shoe leather, so get him to help you move all this furniture!
2. To have a tough, leathery skin (as of meat). This meat is as tough as shoe leather—I can't even cut it!
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hell-bent for leather

Inf. moving or behaving recklessly; riding a horse fast and recklessly. They took off after the horse thief, riding hell-bent for leather. Here comes the boss. She's not just angry; she's hell-bent for leather.
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*tough as an old boot

 and *tough as old (shoe) leather 
1. [of meat] very tough. (*Also: as ~.) This meat is tough as an old boot. Bob couldn't eat the steak. It was as tough as an old boot.
2. [of someone] very strong willed. (*Also: as ~.) When Brian was lost in the mountains, his friends did not fear for him; they knew he was tough as leather. My English teacher was as tough as an old boot.
3. [of someone] not easily moved by feelings such as pity. (*Also: as ~.) She doesn't care. She's as tough as old shoe leather. He was born tough as an old boot and has only grown more rigid.
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hell-bent for leather

Moving recklessly fast, as in Out the door she went, hell-bent for leather. The use of hell-bent in the sense of "recklessly determined" dates from the first half of the 1800s. Leather alludes to a horse's saddle and to riding on horseback; this colloquial expression may be an American version of the earlier British army jargon hell for leather, first recorded in 1889.
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hell for leather

mainly BRITISH
1. If you go hell for leather, you move very quickly, and often recklessly. They ran hell for leather to catch up. We bought a map, filled up and drove hell for leather to Lisbon. Note: You can also use hell-for-leather before a noun. There was a hell-for-leather dash to get the train.
2. If you do something hell for leather, you do it very quickly and energetically. Once I decide to write a play, I go for it hell for leather. Note: This expression may originally have related to horse riding. `Leather' would refer to a saddle.
See also: hell, leather

tough as leather

1. If something is as tough as leather, it is very tough. Her hands were tough as leather.
2. If someone is tough as leather, they have a strong character or body and do not get upset or hurt easily. He's shown he's tough as leather.
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hell for leather

as fast as possible.
This phrase dates from the late 19th century, and originally referred to riding a horse at reckless speed.
See also: hell, leather

hell for ˈleather

(old-fashioned, British English, informal) with the greatest possible speed, energy, etc: I saw a man going hell for leather down the street, with two policemen running after him.This is from horse riding. A rider can hit a horse with a strip of leather to make it run faster.
See also: hell, leather

leather or feather

n. a choice of beef or chicken for a meal on an airplane. (Contrived.) What do the victims get today? Oh, yes, it’s leather or feather.
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hell-bent for leather

Moving rapidly and with determination. “Hell” in this case strengthens the word “bent,” which means a direct route (although it sounds as though it should mean the opposite). “Leather” refers either to a saddle or to a whip used to urge a horse to move faster, or perhaps items. “Hell for leather” meaning “all deliberate haste” was a popular phrase in itself. Among a number of variants is “hell-bent for election,” said to have originated with the 1840 Maine gubernatorial race and appearing in an 1899 Stephen Crane story: “One puncher racin' his cow-pony hell-bent-for-election down Main Street.” Others are “hell-bent for breakfast,” “for Sunday,” and “for Georgia.”
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