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a new lease of life

1. An occasion or opportunity for a renewed enjoyment in, enthusiasm for, or appreciation of one's life. Primarily heard in UK. After finding out that the tests came back negative for cancer, I feel as though I've been given a new lease of life! Mary's gotten a new lease of life ever since her daughter was born.
2. An extension or increase in the time in which something or someone can be useful or successful. Primarily heard in UK. Our company was given a new lease of life when we partnered with the global corporation. John's film got a new lease of life when his wealthy grandfather agreed to fund the rest of the production.
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new lease on life

A new chance to happy, healthy, or successful after surviving a hardship. After the doctor declared that her cancer was in remission, Harriet felt like she had a new lease on life.
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lease something back

to sell something, then rent it from the buyer. We sold the building to a real estate firm and then leased it back. There was some tax saving involved. We leased back the building.
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lease something from someone

to rent something from someone. We decided to lease the building from the owner rather than buying it. The company always leases its cars from the dealership.
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lease something (out) to someone

to rent something to someone. The company leases cars out to its customers. Can you lease this building to me for two years? Lease out only the first two floors.
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new lease on life

Cliché a renewed and revitalized outlook on life. Getting the job offer was a new lease on life. When I got out of the hospital, I felt as if I had a new lease on life.
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a new lease on life

also a new lease of life
an opportunity to be successful or happy after having experienced a series of difficulties The heart operation was a complete success and has given her a new lease on life.
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give somebody a new lease of life

  (British & Australian) also give somebody a new lease on life (American)
if something gives someone a new lease of life, it makes them happy or healthy and gives them new energy after a period of illness or sadness The operation was such a success - it really has given her a new lease of life.
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give something a new lease of life

to improve something that was old or old-fashioned so that it works better or looks better I've had that blue sofa re-covered and it's really given it a new lease of life.
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new lease on life

A fresh start; renewed vigor and good health, as in Since they bought his store Dad has had a new lease on life. This term with its allusion to a rental agreement dates from the early 1800s and originally referred only to recovery from illness. By the mid-1800s it was applied to any kind of fresh beginning.
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lease up

1. To fully lease some building: The housing agency leased up the new apartment building in record time. After the new building had been on the market for only one week, the real estate agent had leased it up. The retail spaces were leased up before construction even started.
2. To become fully leased: The new office building leased up in less than a week.
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a new lease on life

An opportunity to improve one's circumstances or outlook.
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Top-notch leasers also are incredibly good listeners.
In 2001, the Banif Group, a Portuguese institution that acts as a commercial bank, investment bank, asset manager, insurer, brokerage, leaser and offers personal loans, acquired its controlling interest.
8 million in grants to help Lehigh County upgrade Leaser Lake and improve the quality of life for residents in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas.
Because of their continued investment in DMS-10, solid circuit-to-packet migration strategy and proven track record with rural market providers, we decided to deploy Nortel Networks equipment as the foundation for Crosslake's future growth," said Dennis Leaser, general manager, Crosslake Communications, an IOC serving approximately 4,000 subscribers in central Minnesota.
MagroSelect Prim is the leaser on all of the Chernozem soil land leasing agreements and the related contractual obligations held by the Company.
Financial institutions and aircraft leasers are bullishly watching Iran, a market where officials have said there are as many as 400 aircraft orders over the next decade.
What you get is a shell and core building, but the tenants and leasers coming in later might have their own changes to make.
Whereas, on the other hand, for small stores that are rented at approximately EGP 5,000, sometimes leasers cannot even meet their rents or the daily workers' payments, and they find themselves forced to fire some workers.
The PYMA leasers said that regular and steadier reduction in markup rate over the period was shedding positive effects on industry business and trade as the national economy was gradually pulling out of the stagnancy and was on the recovery path.
According to leasers in Makkah, considered one of the most densely populated cities in the Kingdom, several landlords accept earning low annual rents for their housing units as long as residents leave their flats during Haj.
The Israeli enemy has moved back before the choice of the resistance; but there are leasers who got used to humiliation and succumbing.
The real and major return is gained by the manufacturers and land leasers.
Leasers had to fork out the most and handed back [euro]21million.
The department also provides services to protect the rights of real estate brokers, leasers and other transaction parties to promote transparency, good conduct and competition in the real estate market," he added.
Leading brokerages recently speculated that Midtown South's popularity--and high cost--has led would-be office leasers to look for space elsewhere.