lease back

lease something back

to sell something, then rent it from the buyer. We sold the building to a real estate firm and then leased it back. There was some tax saving involved. We leased back the building.
See also: back, lease
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The company closed sale and lease back transactions in December 2013 for two of the three buildings in its Monaco portfolio.
Summary: Etihad Airways, has extended its relationship with Sanad Aero Solutions GmbH (Sanad), with a 10-year agreement for the sale and lease back of some of the airline's key component spares.
On June 26, 2012, BNL acquired two industrial buildings totaling 132,866 square feet located in Ohio via a sale and lease back transaction.
Bank of America, which inherited the property when it bought Merrill Lynch in 2009, announced in February that it planned to sell and lease back 222 Broadway along with two buildings at its Charlotte, North Carolina, headquarters as part of a newly-implemented efficiency program.
Batelco has decided not to proceed with any tower sale in Bahrain and Jordan as various sale and lease back proposals did not create sufficient, long-term economic value," Batelco group chief executive officer Shaikh Mohamed bin Isa Al Khalifa said in a statement.
El Al Israel Airlines (TASE:ELAL) on Tuesday announced that it has signed an agreement to sell and lease back two CFM engines, 56-7B.
ELF will purchase and lease back to Etihad Airways six Rolls Royce Trent 700 and six IAE V2500 engines.
Abu Dhabi's Etihad Airways has mandated Sanad Aero Solutions and Engine Lease Finance Corp (ELF) to finance its 23 spare engines in a sale and lease back deal valued at $367 million, the airline said on Wednesday.
Auto Business News-June 30, 2011--Saab signs contract on sale and lease back deal(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
It will lease back the building after the sale to IDB Group, an Israeli holding company, the bank said in a statement.
Whether you are doing regular bid or lease back, there's going to be quirks in all of them,'' Phelps said.
There are four strategies,one of which relates to a sale and long lease back of the ground, with Krasner refusing to divulge details of the other three.
Zenith Milk, the farmers co-operative, has completed a Sale & Lease Back contract for its milk road tanker fleet with GE Capitals's specialist road tanker division, TIP Tanker Services.
Lloyds TSB promises to lease back the branch and pay the rent every month until the freehold ends in 2002.
LOD, Israel -- El Al Israel Airlines (TASE: ELAL) has signed an agreement to sell and lease back two CFM engines, 56-7B, for an amount around $13-14 million.