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Coming from a loving and creative home, you know Amber as Joan in Joan of Arcadia, a role that makes Amber a near veteran at interpretation of lessons learned the hard way, spiritual rebirths (big or small) and the often mysterious ways love is revealed.
This is an exciting Conclave fantasy in which the villain of the first two novels returns from exile having learned the hard way during his trek and his battle with a greater evil the wickedness of his former ways.
Using speed to avoid contact is a survival technique Inouye learned the hard way.
It's a lesson many dot-coms learned the hard way as they burned through cash in an attempt to quickly gain market share.
Ludden learned the hard way that you need to know who is speaking before and after your presentations.
Lincoln's message - learned the hard way through losing a father, a wife and a ``normal'' family life - is summed up in the simple statement: ``Closing off kills us.