leap at the opportunity

leap at the opportunity (to do something)

 and leap at the chance (to do something); jump at the chance (to do something); jump at the opportunity (to do something)
Fig. to accept an opportunity eagerly. Frank leapt at the opportunity to become a commercial artist. It was a great idea and we leapt at the opportunity. I would leap at the chance to go to Moscow. His company proposed to send him to England, and John jumped at the chance.
See also: leap, opportunity
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Muslims fortunate enough to be chosen for the pilgrimage leap at the opportunity to escape the prison they have been stuck in for a decade.
This was the kind of specificity missing from so many news articles deigned to convince Iranian readers that sanctions are on their last legs as the world's major companies leap at the opportunity to get back into Iran.
In fact, I'm willing to bet that if you offered any restaurant server the ability to forever eliminate birthday songs from his or her day-to-day jobs, he or she would leap at the opportunity.
Scottish homeowners living in cold and draughty houses with inefficient central heating systems should leap at the opportunity to receive such a large sum of money for energy efficiency improvements.
Betting guru John McCririck, however, would leap at the opportunity of continuing his Channel 4 career if offered the opportunity.
While cash-strapped districts may leap at the opportunity for much-needed extra funds, some in the education community caution that receiving a Race to the Top grant could mean unwieldy testing requirements for their schools.
Assuming, arguendo, that there were no extenuating circumstances, which by any stretch of the imagination could have warranted the nurse's action, the hospital seemed all too eager to leap at the opportunity to terminate her without prior notice of disciplinary action pending against her, until the very day she reported back for work, after completing her pre-planned and pre-approved medical leave.
Additionally, financial advisers typically leap at the opportunity to recommend the lump-sum pension option without thoroughly analyzing if it is the right thing for the client.
Even now, after all the waste of time and opportunity, he would still leap at the opportunity even though the job is twice as hard as it was in May when the old season closed.
We are expecting them to leap at the opportunity to show off their intelligence and competence for the chance to be crowned Britain's brainiest.
Though this might not be everybody's idea of a dream holiday, some people would leap at the opportunity, such is the product's classic status.
This is one of only three opportunities in England to see Peterson - the others are the Royal Albert Hall in London and the Big Top Arena in Liverpool, so leap at the opportunity and if you don't already have tickets, beg the Symphony Hall box office to sell you some.
A surprising number of people will leap at the opportunity to be part of a world-changing, history-making venture, whatever the risks are.
Kevin Miles, international co-ordinator of the Football Supporters' Federation, said: "It is sad there may be large numbers of empty seats when there are many England supporters who would leap at the opportunity to be there, and are paying hundreds of pounds on the black market to do so.