lean toward

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lean toward someone or something

1. to incline toward someone or something. Tom is leaning toward Randy. I think he is going to fall on him. The tree is leaning toward the edge of the cliff. It will fall eventually.
2. to tend to favor [choosing] someone or something. lam leaning toward Sarah as the new committee head. I'm leaning toward a new committee.
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The pol suggested former Senator Bill Bradley would receive 26 per cent of the votes of registered Democrats and those who lean toward voting for a Democrat, while the vice-president would get 49 per cent.
I lean toward the third, which puts in question the eventuality that most of the artists with whom we engage had the cultural wherewithal to control heavily esoteric, usually Latin or Greek, texts.
I am not even saying that we should reject it; I, in fact, lean toward it.
Our ambitious lad's vocals lean toward Orbison-ian vibrato when they don't sound like they're about to shake totally out of control.
Studies show young people more likely to lean toward Republican Party
Forty-five percent of voters say they would vote, or lean toward voting for Spencer Abraham if the election were held today.
Eckhardt and Piermarini lean toward explaining toothpick use as a means to deal with dental problems.
CHICAGO -- Richard Rhodes isn't ready to offer a broad bearish program, but has instead decided to lean toward long positions.
After the game, Howland seemed to lean toward the second option.
Jam not even saying we should reject it; I, in fact, lean toward it.
And Fidelity Brokerage and Charles Schwab lean toward big, long-time customers with predictable bill-paying patterns.
Brands continue to lean toward simplicity, a carry-over trend from spring.
Dorrell said that in the future, UCLA will not lean toward the junior college route as they did this recruiting season.
But I'll probably lean toward more of a medical position.
But more than half of the audience seemed to lean toward a proposal by pro golfer Jim Colbert with Qvale/Colbert calling for a professional golf course and clubhouse that would earn the college at least $800,000 per year in lease revenue and add $3 million in new agriculture facilities.