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Traditional wrapping might even do some good for the newspaper industry, which is going through very lean times.
If past performances are anything to go by they can expect some lean times ahead.
Our message to our employees is that while we are currently going through some lean times, we view this as a short-term hiccup and that our long-term outlook is strong," said General Manager Derek Neumann.
LEAN TIMES n Amy Lennox at Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin yesterday
It is a cost the country should not shoulder during lean times.
This is a Commercial Cleaning Business that has enjoyed steady solid revenue throughout these lean times.
40) takes a step up in class in the Florida Pearl Novice Chase but could be up to it, while Lean Times (3.
The fiscally minded Verizon Arena staff managed to check off a couple of items on its wish list despite lean times.
Margaret Sinclair, Glasgow HANDING out money for building better houses and demolishing these high rise flats, is a bit of 'pie in the sky' given the lean times ahead.
In both dolphins and ancient humans it would ensure during lean times enough energygiving sugar was always on hand to meet the demands of a large power-hungry brain.
Not merely because they're therapeutic or because they provide healthy foods or even because they give us a hedge against lean times, but rather, because, if you look at the big picture, they offer us that thing that we all crave so dearly.
In these lean times, no-one could say it was anything other than a good thing, of course, and I have read estimates of it bringing pounds 50m to the city.
Organisers say it will help companies drive down lean times, reduce waste and stock and embrace best practice techniques.
I owe him a lot for bringing me back to where I always wanted to be and the rest of the lads owe him for deflecting the flak and sticking by them during recent lean times.
Whenever school districts have been on lean times, arts education has been the subject most impacted.