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leak in (to something)

[for a fluid] to work its way into something. Some of the soapy water leaked into the soil. The rainwater is leaking in!
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leak out

[for information] to become known unofficially. I hope that news of the new building does not leak out before the contract is signed. When the story leaked out, my telephone would not stop ringing.
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leak out (of something)

[for a fluid] to seep out of something or some place. Some of the brake fluid leaked out of the car and made a spot on the driveway. Look under the car. Something's leaking out.
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leak something (out)

 and let something (get) out
Fig. to disclose special information to the press so that the resulting publicity will accomplish something. (Usually said of government disclosures. Also used for accidental disclosures.) Don't leak that information out. I don't want to be the one to leak it.

leak something to someone

Fig. to tell [otherwise secret] information to someone. The government leaked a phony story to the press just to see how far it would travel. The government leaks things to the press occasionally, just to see the reaction.
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leak through something

[for a fluid] to seep through something. Rainwater leaked through the roof. I was afraid that the crushed orange would leak through the paper bag.
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take a leak

Inf. to urinate. (Crude. Use caution with the topic. Usually in reference to a male.) I gotta go take a leak. Back in a minute. He just went out to take a leak.
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take a leak

to excrete urine He could see the truck driver with his back to them, taking a leak against an old tree.
Usage notes: usually said about men or boys, but sometimes said about an animal: The dog ran under the trees and took a leak.
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take a leak

  (very informal!)
to pass liquid waste out of the body I'll be back in a moment - I've gotta take a leak.
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take a leak

Urinate, as in Excuse me, I've got to take a leak. [ Vulgar slang; c. 1930]
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leak out

1. To flow out through some breach or flaw in a container; seep out: Water leaked out the crack in the pipe. As the air leaked out of the balloon, it got smaller and smaller.
2. To become known to the public through a breach of secrecy: We were supposed to keep the date a secret, but it leaked out.
3. To release secret information to the public through unofficial channels: A disgruntled worker leaked the scandalous information out to the reporter. Someone leaked out news of the fraudulent business deal to the newspapers.
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take a leak

and take a piss and take a squirt
tv. to urinate. (Crude. Often objectionable. Usually in reference to a male. Leak is the mildest and piss is the strongest.) I gotta go take a leak. Back in a minute. We stopped at a rest area so old Harry could take a piss.
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take a leak

Vulgar Slang
To urinate.
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spring a leak

To starting leak a fluid suddenly: The boat sprang a leak. My balloon has sprung a leak.
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The company's Protec P3000(XL) Helium Sniffer Leak Detector, the Sensistor Sentrac Hydrogen Leak Detector and the HLD6000 Refrigerant Leak Detector were displayed at the event.
The American Petroleum Institute (API) provides a detailed overview of recommended leak detection system requirements in API RP (Recommended Practice) 1130.
Meanwhile, Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence vowed to find the hacker responsible for the celebrities' nude photos leak scandal.
Lowell Ball used his patented invention at every job Aquaman Leak Detection has taken up in the past three years - and not once did they fail detecting accurately the leak.
Dr Chris Minto, operations director, OptaSense discusses how the application of Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) techniques for leak detection and event anticipation can head operators towards the goal of zero incidents.
WR Refrigeration is rolling out the Trace-A-Gas[R] leak detection system as part of its strategic focus on environmentally responsible refrigeration.
Any investigation and repair needs to be methodical and the best way to do this is to test the area nearest to the damp stain and if that leaks, repair it.
On other products, I have seen major water leaks simply "redirected" into buckets or an area around the press to keep the mold in production as long as possible.
Ironically, the cuts are directly responsible for a number of recent leaks, he added: "Leaks are caused because the system has no pressure, and because of the cuts the water pipes dry up, and when the water valves are turned back on, although the water pressure is minimal, the water gushing through the pipes makes them leak, so we have to be careful with maintaining the pressure when turning the valves on.
They found leaking Mercaptan, added to natural gas so it can be detected should it leak.
Leak detectors are a type of mass spectrometer that are used to do just what the name implies: detect leaks.
Organizations today are at risk of losing a significant percentage of gross revenues because of leaks, gaps and undetected errors in their business processes.
However, chronic issues with steam leaks and dryer flooding held back advances and increased operating costs.