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28: Fostering Resilience and Hope; Toronto; Leading Edge Seminars.
The Department of Health and Human Services named lead poisoning as the leading environmental health problem affecting children, documenting 250,000 diagnosed cases in children under six.
June 3: Becoming a Coach, Toronto Leading Edge Seminars; www.
Adriatico, the Southern Section's leading receiver the past two years, was held without a reception in his first game since the graduation of quarterback J.
16: Workshop: Emotionally focused therapy for couples led by Sue Johnson with Diana Fosha; Leading Edge Seminars; Toronto; 416.
15: Workshop Attachment affect & accelerated change, led by Diana Fosha with Sue Johnson; Leading Edge Seminars; Toronto; 416.
This may be followed by an endoneurial edema, leading to an increased endoneurial fluid pressure (5-7).
May 13-14: Marital Therapy led by John Gottman, Ottawa; Leading Edge Seminars; 416.