lead with

lead with someone or something

to start out with someone or something. The coach led with Walter as pitcher and Sam on first base. We will lead with our best players.
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lead with something

to tend to strike first with a particular fist—the right, the left, the best, etc. (Boxing.) Watch that guy, Champ, he always leads with his right. Get in there and lead with your left.
See also: lead
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When the Europeans said industry must get rid of lead, they didn't say you must replace lead with something that is obviously safer," he notes wryly.
Seidl implanted the QuickSite(TM) 1056K lead with an Epic(TM) HF ICD, the world's smallest high-voltage cardiac resynchronization device.
Many of the epidemiologic studies that relate lead with cancer have been conducted in occupational settings; no previous study is known to have examined the association between lead and cancer in the general population.
Comparison of the amount of steady-state lead with the lead accumulated biweekly (Figure 2) and the rapid rate of lead abrasion found during the degradation study indicate that lead deposited in a busy street is rapidly worn away, to the extent that a significant fraction of the amount deposited would not be found in the biweekly surveys.
The commission did ask candle manufacturers to replace lead with zinc.