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We took lead out of gasoline, out of the solder in canned foods, and out of paints, and we don't put lead in the pipes in our houses anymore," adds Brian Schwartz of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.
The bad news," says Hu, "is that if you're older than 45, chances are you accumulated quite a bit of lead in your bones when you were younger, even if you never worked in a heavy-duty industrial job.
Community activists have complained to Suffredin that not one property owner on the Chicago side of his district has received any county money--or federal money, for that matter-for lead control.
Meanwhile, Evanston, an adjoining suburb with much less of a lead problem, has received enough money in the past two years to clean up the homes of qualified property owners-and do prevention work, as well.
Today, we are faced with a much more onerous revision of Local Law 38, one that places the entire responsibility for lead, whether it exists or not, directly on the shoulders of real estate owners.
The composition of castings from a single pot sometimes varied, while the composition of lead in different pots sometimes matched.
Lead exposure might diminish feeding and affect the condors' coordination and flying ability.
Clearly as more community groups took an interest in environmental lead poisoning and as it became increasingly apparent that large segments of the population were at risk, government policy regarding lead poisoning began to change.
High-powered Baltimore attorney Peter Angelos, who co-owns the Baltimore Orioles and won billions from the tobacco and asbestos industries in previous suits, has identified lead paint manufacturers as his next target.
A research consortium composed of gray iron foundries and steel scrap processors was formed to document the effect of lead in cast iron melts and investigate factors affecting lead recovery from a gray iron cupola charge.
The body does, however, break down lead so that it can be removed.
Even suppliers of lead stabilizers see the handwriting on the wall and are developing their own non-lead substitutes.
Root Markets operates the Root Exchange and Root Publisher, two technology platforms that offer the most advanced electronic lead trading systems available.
Ernhart is concerned that we found no significant association of IQ and three of the four indices of lead exposure at peak BPb level < 10 [micro]g/dL or < 7.
Godwin, a chemistry professor who studies lead, says, because she's familiar with the risks, she pushed her doctor to give her son a lead screening at 9 months.