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A particularly lazy or indolent person. Come on, lazy-bones, you've spent half the day in bed. Time to get up and be productive!

lazy man's load

A large amount that should be carried over multiple trips, but which a person tries to carry all at once in order to avoid making a second trip. Stop trying to take a lazy man's load—take two trips to bring the groceries in or you'll end up breaking something.
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References in classic literature ?
She related to them all that had happened, and when the mother heard how she had come by her great riches, she thought she should like her ugly, lazy daughter to go and try her fortune.
I'm very lazy, I'm moody--" He persisted, in spite of her exclamation, "You've got to know the worst of me.
exclaimed the Quadling, much interested; "then those tablets would be fine for a lazy man.
Barry says he aint lazy exactly only he thinks it easier to pray for things than to work for them.
He's a lazy sort of chap, hates work, and I guess he only got the job because his uncle had got a lot of shares in the business.
Did it just for the fun of it, but was too lazy to stay by the union.
Moses is lazy," answered the doctor; "and the Madeira is in a remote part of the cellar.
For some minutes I lie in lazy contemplation of the companionable fire.
But soon they passed a group of men, one of whom said: "See that lazy youngster, he lets his father walk while he rides.
     Said to his lazy jester:
Why, he said, we think that you are lazy, and mean to cheat us out of a whole chapter which is a very important part of the story; and you fancy that we shall not notice your airy way of proceeding; as if it were self-evident to everybody, that in the matter of women and children `friends have all things in common.
The distance was little more than six miles, but the road was strange, and I had to keep stopping to inquire my way; hallooing to carters and clodhoppers, and frequently invading the cottages, for there were few abroad that winter's morning; sometimes knocking up the lazy people from their beds, for where so little work was to be done, perhaps so little food and fire to be had, they cared not to curtail their slumbers.
Nothing changed but the softly-growing light; nothing moved but the lazy mist, curling up to meet the sun, its master, on the eastward sea.
But persons who think otherwise, and are of a lazy, or a benevolent, or a sarcastic mood, may perhaps like to step in for half an hour, and look at the performances.
Well, whatever you do, if he's a lazy good-for-nought, everything'll be at sixes and sevens.