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A particularly lazy or indolent person. Come on, lazy-bones, you've spent half the day in bed. Time to get up and be productive!

lazy man's load

A large amount that should be carried over multiple trips, but which a person tries to carry all at once in order to avoid making a second trip. Stop trying to take a lazy man's load—take two trips to bring the groceries in or you'll end up breaking something.
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la*zi*ly \-z[schwa]-l[macron over e]\ adverb <We walked lazily down the path.
Elsewhere, Holly is a lazily laidback easy chair delight musically related to Dylan's You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, and Lazarus rises on a Beatley backbeat resurrected from the swinging 60s.
Balls Of Fury is an underdog story of triumph against adversity, which lazily splices The Karate Kid and Enter The Dragon.
Still, though the film lazily glosses over wide swatches of the city's culture and color, we'll take what we can get, and "New Orleans," from writer Michelle Ferrari, director/producer Stephen Ives and producer Amanda Pollack and narrated by actor Jeffrey Wright, offers a perhaps appropriately peripatetic portrait of the Crescent City.
His balance is Bob-like, lazily spinning frontside and backside 360 slides to fakie on the vert wall, and reverting any trick.
Our version lazily pairs up opposites and waits for the fireworks.
Considered individually, their composition is formulaic, and as a series they are weighed down by overweaning symbolism and lazily signaled mythical intimation.
I was in trouble at halfway because Nasheej was running lazily and she prefers softer ground than this, but she motored when she hit the rising ground," said the winning rider.
It embraces Snake, a long, lazily winding Serra work that's been at the museum since 1997, but now gives it a new purpose as a central link in the unfolding narrative of twists and turns that constitute the artist's reorganisanon of this challenging space.
The taxes are low, the health care system is good, and the weather is just about like this for eight months of the year," he says, pointing to a clear-blue sky on a 99-degree day, the wind blowing lazily through the palm trees.
Creatures that seem to have borrowed their colors from a Crayola box lazily drift by.
Everything about Jasmine appears half-awake: the tiny gray dolphin swims lazily against her waist, and Jasmine's half-closed eyes suggest that she hasn't been out of bed very long.
Yet Ashton, while living a little lazily in the Russian-American's shadow, had areas of choreographic eloquence that matched, and some would say surpassed, Balanchine's own.
He explains that he had lazily opted for a non-graduating two-year economics course, because he lacked the French that a graduate course then required.
On approaching the West Indian island of Grenada by boat, travelers are greeted with the view of colorful lush hillsides dotted with houses, endless unspoiled, white sandy beaches, and warm, crystal-dear blue waters lapping lazily at the fine powdery shoreline.