lay aside

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lay something aside

to set something aside; to place something to one side, out of the way. He laid his papers aside and went out to welcome the visitor. He laid aside his papers.
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lay aside something

also lay something aside
to ignore something or decide that it is not important Our neighbors laid aside their personal safety to help us save our animals from the fire.
Related vocabulary: set aside something
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lay aside

1. Give up, abandon, as in He laid aside all hopes of winning first prize. [First half of 1400s]
2. Also, lay away; lay by. Set apart for a reason, save for the future, as in They lay aside enough to pay the rent, or Because coffee prices were rising, she laid by enough for a month, or The store laid away the winter coat I wanted. [Early 1700s] The first variant gave rise, about 1970, to the term layaway plan, in which merchandise is laid away for a buyer who pays a deposit and receives it when payment is made in full. Also see lay down, def. 4; set aside.
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lay aside

1. To stop being actively engaged with something: I will lay aside my reading and go for a walk when I finish this chapter. The lifeguard laid the binoculars aside and jumped in the water.
2. To abandon something, especially a plan, hope, or desire; give up something: The marooned sailors had lain aside any hope of being saved. When the loan fell through, they laid their plans of buying a house aside.
3. To save something for the future: I lay aside part of my paycheck every week to save for a new car. Let's lay part of your allowance aside to pay for the movies.
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The inclusion of the Craftsman snow throwers in the Sears Layaway plan is another way that Sears is helping our customers prepare for any project," said Martin Lee, vice president and chief marketing officer of tools, lawn & garden for Sears Holdings Corporation.
Additionally, customers can use the Kmart layaway plan to purchase the larger ticket items on an installment basis, pay incrementally, and pick up their patio furniture just in time for warmer temperatures.
The store offers a two-week layaway plan for items over $100 with a 20 percent deposit.
Don't worry, your favorite discount store has a layaway plan that suits your budget.
The interest-free King of Jewelry layaway plan can currently be applied to any jewelry selection advertised on their website simply by making a 10% down payment.
A 30-day layaway plan is available with a 10 percent deposit.
The only way to acquire it is through a layaway plan.
A variety of number/letter combinations are already available using a layaway plan.
A mother would take the money, spend $20 on gas, and contribute $5 to her child's school fundraiser, save $5 to spend on the following month's school fundraiser, use $10 with $40 in clipped coupons to buy groceries, give $5 to her young daughter to buy a birthday gift for her friend, and put $15 on the layaway plan for Christmas gifts.
Providing real-time monitoring of each layaway plan through eLayaway's Merchant Control Center
As shoppers mind their finances this season, the oft-forgotten but still useful layaway plan has re-emerged as a way to avoid debt.
Customers that choose layaway are able to use the eLayaway Calculator to set up and start a layaway plan.
Shoppers can use the layaway plan and "if a customer wants a Gucci bag, we put it on a wish list.
4 million for their general fund and have a 20-year layaway plan to pay it all back.
A layaway plan can be 2-6 months long, with a maximum of 13 payments.