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lay something aside

to set something aside; to place something to one side, out of the way. He laid his papers aside and went out to welcome the visitor. He laid aside his papers.
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put something in layaway

 and put something in will-call
to purchase something by paying part of the price initially, and not receiving the goods until all the money has been paid. I couldn't afford a winter coat right now, so I picked one out and put it in layaway. Please put this in will-call. I'll pay for it next month.
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lay aside

1. Give up, abandon, as in He laid aside all hopes of winning first prize. [First half of 1400s]
2. Also, lay away; lay by. Set apart for a reason, save for the future, as in They lay aside enough to pay the rent, or Because coffee prices were rising, she laid by enough for a month, or The store laid away the winter coat I wanted. [Early 1700s] The first variant gave rise, about 1970, to the term layaway plan, in which merchandise is laid away for a buyer who pays a deposit and receives it when payment is made in full. Also see lay down, def. 4; set aside.
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lay aside

1. To stop being actively engaged with something: I will lay aside my reading and go for a walk when I finish this chapter. The lifeguard laid the binoculars aside and jumped in the water.
2. To abandon something, especially a plan, hope, or desire; give up something: The marooned sailors had lain aside any hope of being saved. When the loan fell through, they laid their plans of buying a house aside.
3. To save something for the future: I lay aside part of my paycheck every week to save for a new car. Let's lay part of your allowance aside to pay for the movies.
See also: aside, lay
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o Offer a layaway payment option that makes season tickets easier to afford for fans.
Emily Burlingame told NECN that she found out about the random acts of kindness when she went to pay her layaway balance this week.
But if you're purchasing a vacation on layaway, you really may want to rethink the whole idea.
As economic forecasters continue predicting a double dip recession, consumers are shunning their high interest credit cards and turning to layaway as an alternative payment method.
A few high-profile retailers revived layaway during the holiday season in 2008, when the growing financial crisis caused retailers to fear that credit-spooked shoppers would stay home.
Though he could not provide exact numbers of recent layaway sales, he said there is an "obvious" increase over previous years.
The increasingly widespread use of the credit card doomed layaway plans.
By offering their layaway solution across a large network of merchants, eLayaway is able to spread the cost of development across multiple merchants, making their layaway solutions more affordable and accessible to smaller and medium-sized retailers.
Toys R Us is also once again offering free layaway for the holiday season, waiving the usual $5 service fee, online and in stores.
com)-- Youlayaway, a New York City startup that offers online shopping comparison for products available on layaway, is making investment in silver possible through layaway.
We are about celebrating life,'' said Goodchild, who adds that she offers another vintage service from the past: layaway at no interest.
Shoppers can use the layaway plan and "if a customer wants a Gucci bag, we put it on a wish list.
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Because of that, Martin expects stores to bring out their promotions and services like layaway early -- Toys R Us and Wal-Mart Stores Inc.