lay the ghost of

lay the ghost of something/somebody (to rest)

to finally stop being worried or upset by something or someone that has worried or upset you for a long time With one stunning performance, Chelsea have laid to rest the ghost of their humiliating defeat at Old Trafford last season.
See lay cards on the table, lay eyes on, send on a guilt trip, get hands on, give life
See also: ghost, lay, of
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Halloween treats come early for financial services professionals looking to lay the ghost of compliance to rest.
NACER CHADLI aims to get his teeth into Manchester City today and finally lay the ghost of Gareth Bale to rest.
Rowett has challenged his players to lay the ghost of the 8-0 defeat, the lowest point in Blues' living memory, to rest.
As a grieving young Edwardian solicitor who is sent to sort through the effects at a haunted house, Daniel Radcliffe (above) doesn't just lay the ghost of Harry Potter to rest, he tramples it in the mud.
The car and driver are well suited for the Weeton Stages and we're hoping to lay the ghost of last year when we were second in class and a top 10 position was on the cards when the car snapped a driveshaft," said Scrimgour.
Before the biggest event on the calendar at The Crucible, though, Ding has a chance to lay the ghost of Wembley, where he capitulated against Ronnie O'Sullivan in the final of The Masters in 2007.
West ham boss Alan Curbishley has shown his squad a recording of last season's thrashing at Reading as he looks to lay the ghost of the "Baby Bentley" to rest.
There is no doubt the players are really up for this one and they feel that they want to lay the ghost of that result to rest.
Kenneth Cope wears his white suit from Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) top lay the ghost of Dixie Dean, a role that earns him a big cheer but which seems a little superfluous.
It's an amazing coincidence, but it gives us the chance to lay the ghost of last season's disappointment.
Personally I can't wait for June 7 - it's a great chance to lay the ghost of '98.
RONALDO is desperate to lay the ghost of the World Cup Final to rest when Brazil take on Uruguay in the Copa America Final today.
We hope the visit will lay the ghost of the past and let us start a new era,' says the Chairman of the Burma Campaign Fellowship Group, John Nunneley.
The stated purpose of the study is to lay the ghost of "bad taste and lack of simple logic" in the use of continuous narrative, as described by Lessing, Shaftesbury, and later Frey and others.