lay down arms

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lay down one's arms

Fig. to put one's gun, sword, club, etc., down; to stop fighting; to surrender. The prisoners were instructed to lay down their arms. The soldiers laid down their arms and surrendered.
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The Education Personnel Labor Union vice president, Ramazan Ecakyrcy, gave a speech at the meeting, saying "For peace to be achieved the organization [PKK] must lay down arms quickly, open the way to a normalization process and give up on the impositions leading to fear and oppression.
Mr Lavrov said the militia in the east "will be ready" to lay down arms and vacate the buildings "only if Kiev authorities get down to implementing the Geneva accords, clear out that shameful Maidan and liberate the buildings that have been illegally seized".
A jirga in tehsil Kabal had warned the absconding militants in the region to lay down arms and surrender before the forces by May 20.
Chidambaram has asked the Jammu and Kashmir government to formulate a plan to rehabilitate youth willing to lay down arms.
envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan said the 65 nations meeting in London on Thursday would back Kabul's proposal to set up a reintegration fund to persuade Taliban fighters to lay down arms.
Summary: <p>Turkey's government is considering other ways to make Kurdish rebels lay down arms besides military operations, Interior Minister Besir Atalay said Monday, though granting fighters amnesty was not among immediate plans.
The refusal to lay down arms came as US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrived in Israel for talks designed to halt the conflict.
Basque separatist group Eta issued a second statement today, reaffirming the Spanish group's willingness to lay down arms.
The IRA had vowed to put their hard-line campaign behind them and called all members to lay down arms.
Now will the Prime Minister follow in their footsteps and ask the British troops in Iraq to lay down arms and return home?
The IRA have said they will lay down arms, they have complied with all that has been asked of them on this particular part of the journey.
A delegate to the Iraqi National Conference said Sadr has agreed to lay down arms and withdraw his militia from the shrine.
What set the Dolmabahce Declaration apart was its call for the PKK to lay down arms.
Under the agreement that the two sides struck at Friday's session of the Contact Group for Ukraine, both Ukrainian soldiers and forces of self-proclaimed "Donetsk People's Republic" and "Luhansk People's Republic" are to lay down arms at 18:00 Kiev time (16:00 GMT), Interfax Ukraine reports, citing sources familiar with the negotiations.