lay claim to

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lay claim to (something)

To assert that one has the legal or proper right to own or possess something. If no one lays claim to the wallet within 48 hours, you'll be able to keep it for yourself. The youngest son is laying claim to the business now that their father has passed away.
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lay claim to something

to place a claim on something. Do you really think you can lay claim to that money after all these years? Someone came by and laid claim to the wallet you found.
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lay claim to

Assert one's right to or ownership of, as in "What claim lays she to thee?" (Shakespeare, The Comedy of Errors, 3:2). [Late 1500s] Also see stake a claim.
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lay claim to

To assert one's right to or ownership of.
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I don't think any one person can lay claim to any part of the city.
While it is a scientific fact that gay men occupy more than their fair share of the dance floor and monopolize certain pieces of gym equipment, extensive testing has yet to reveal that they lay claim to a significantly larger piece of the camp pie.
Furthermore, the lifetime of the patent generally does not start until it is published, thus not limiting the time in which Ionatron can lay claim to patent protection.
If they lay claim to be adherents of a particular faith but do not live by the tenets of the faith as laid down in the Bible, Torah or Quran they cannot be considered true Christians, Jews or Muslims.
BARCELONA can surely lay claim to being the world's richest club - if they can afford to leave more than pounds 100million worth of talent on the bench.
While her "prototypes to cleanse, feed, and comfort the human body" lay claim to a reductive functionality, they also echo the principles of B.
The AD8222 in-amp more than satisfies these requirements while adding differential output capability and complete performance specifications, something no other supplier can lay claim to.
With a jobless economic recovery and a sagging stock market, it is understandable that President Bush would attempt to direct voters' attention to the only thing he can legitimately lay claim to, his war in Iraq.
With a bearing worthy of Tristan Tzara, various artists lay claim to the possibility of the "ugly," pushed perhaps to extremes (but who can say?
Rebel and Imperial Forces then engage in energy-packed battles in three arenas (space, ground, character) and must conquer their opponent in two of the three to lay claim to the universe.
II football title but can lay claim to being just as good as the Div.
Finally, the viewer is left wondering whether esthetics can lay claim to truth and knowledge.
An emerging field, acoustic inertial confinement fusion can already lay claim to significant progress: A multi-institution team led by Dr.
With that kind of electoral power, they can also lay claim to a genuine mandate - the full, if unearned, confidence of the California electorate.
The NOC is located in Oxford, England and affiliated with Oxford University which is the oldest English-speaking university in the world and can lay claim to nine centuries of continuous existence.