lay aside

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lay something aside

to set something aside; to place something to one side, out of the way. He laid his papers aside and went out to welcome the visitor. He laid aside his papers.
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lay aside something

also lay something aside
to ignore something or decide that it is not important Our neighbors laid aside their personal safety to help us save our animals from the fire.
Related vocabulary: set aside something
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lay aside

1. Give up, abandon, as in He laid aside all hopes of winning first prize. [First half of 1400s]
2. Also, lay away; lay by. Set apart for a reason, save for the future, as in They lay aside enough to pay the rent, or Because coffee prices were rising, she laid by enough for a month, or The store laid away the winter coat I wanted. [Early 1700s] The first variant gave rise, about 1970, to the term layaway plan, in which merchandise is laid away for a buyer who pays a deposit and receives it when payment is made in full. Also see lay down, def. 4; set aside.
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lay aside

1. To stop being actively engaged with something: I will lay aside my reading and go for a walk when I finish this chapter. The lifeguard laid the binoculars aside and jumped in the water.
2. To abandon something, especially a plan, hope, or desire; give up something: The marooned sailors had lain aside any hope of being saved. When the loan fell through, they laid their plans of buying a house aside.
3. To save something for the future: I lay aside part of my paycheck every week to save for a new car. Let's lay part of your allowance aside to pay for the movies.
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If we can remember every day to lay aside our self-centredness by trying to be more understanding of others, more compassionate, more caring, more patient, more respectful of other people's views, and try to do acts of kindness whenever we can, we will be making the world a better place, and making worthwhile the sacrifice of those who lay down their life for us.
Remember, this is the chapter in Hebrews that begins, "Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and the sin that clings so closely, and let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us" (12:1).
UNITED States and Russian leaders pledged yesterday to unite in the fight against terrorism as experts said the horrendous events of Tuesday could push the countries to finally lay aside lingering Cold War mistrust in pursuit of a common enemy.
In an appeal to the gang he went on: "We are asking members of this group of young people to lay aside loyalties they may have to the offender.
Lay aside, for a moment, the man's infinite store of knowledge, scientific prowess and all the atomic bomb building, Nobel Prize-winning accolades they earned him.
Can we and should we lay aside our baptismal identity because of the One whose Name we bear and in whose Name we come and extend and receive hospitality?
There are too many rivalries to lay aside and too many privileges to be lost by football's pen-pushers.
It think it's time to lay aside some of our prejudices and misconceptions,'' she said.
I even began to lay aside my prejudices against eco-activists.
We are coming together to show the world that we can lay aside our differences,'' said the Rev.
At home, the reverse should apply, with each doing their best to lay aside business arguments and problems.
And he refuses to lay aside his loathing of the duchess in spite of all she has endured this year.
The prosecution team told the jury to lay aside their sympathy for all the people concerned - for the Sacco family and for the "skinny little thing", a name Ms Sacco's mother Lorna had called her during her evidence.
It has been a rule of Christianity from the beginning that everyone who attends Mass or Holy Communion must come in peace and lay aside any disputes or grievances.
I appeal to you to lay aside your liberal bias at such a crucial time, take up the mental frame of our president, and manifest confidence as he does in Secretary Rumsfeld, who, by the way, serves our country without salary.