lay alongside

lay (someone or something) alongside (someone or something)

To place someone or something in a flat, resting position next to someone or something else. We laid the wounded soldier alongside his companion while we looked for a doctor. You can lay that log alongside the others.
See also: alongside, lay

lie alongside (someone or something)

To rest or recline horizontally next to someone or something. There wasn't anywhere else for me to sleep, so I had to lie alongside my friend in the spare bed. I just lay alongside my poor old dog stroking his face as the vet put him to sleep.
See also: alongside, lie

lay something alongside (of something)

to place something next to something else, lengthwise. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) Please lay the spoon alongside the knife. Find the knife and lay the spoon alongside.
See also: alongside, lay

lay alongside something

[for a ship] to rest afloat next to something. The ship lay alongside a lovely island while a shore party searched for fresh water. Our ship lay alongside the narrow wooden pier.
See also: alongside, lay
References in classic literature ?
If so be that the king of France had so much as a house to live in that would lay alongside of Paul’s, one might put up with their jaw.
On either side, as the path mounted, the long sweep of country broadened and expanded, sloping down on the one side through yellow forest and brown moor to the distant smoke of Lymington and the blue misty channel which lay alongside the sky-line, while to the north the woods rolled away, grove topping grove, to where in the furthest distance the white spire of Salisbury stood out hard and clear against the cloudless sky.
Prince lay alongside still and stark; his eyes half open, the hole in his chest looking scarcely large enough to have let out all that had animated him.
The sweet sounds drew nearer, and soon the boat from which they were worked lay alongside us.
In good time next morning, however, we came again in sight of the detestable morass called Cairo; and stopping there to take in wood, lay alongside a barge, whose starting timbers scarcely held together.
Held in a stone box, the remains of the wolf lay alongside these golden ornaments and tools.
But my plate was over-garnished and the tamarind (I think) slick of sauce that lay alongside was anonymous.
Twisted remains of a motorbike lay alongside the bus and a nearby vehicle was in flames.
It is, however, the most significant bout so far for Mikkel Kessler, the 28-year-old Dane - born, ironically, on St David's Day - who brings two belts, the WBC and WBA versions, to lay alongside Calzaghe's WBO strap in this battle for ultimate supremacy at super-middleweight.
A symbolic collection of 52 pairs of shoes representing each victim in the region this year lay alongside pictures of the princess.
Jewelry and other objects lay alongside some of the bodies.
Machetes, meat cleavers, axes, exotic martial arts hardware and a collection of antique letter openers lay alongside common or garden knives in the massive haul.
For the detail on the winning vase showed a woman being forcibly held and subjected to sexual acts whilst her dead baby lay alongside.
The coffin lay alongside white floral tributes spelling out "Michael" and "Temp", the nickname used by his friends.