lay against

lay something against something

to lean or place something against something. They laid the Christmas tree against the house where they could get to it easily when the time came. Lay this hot cloth against the sore and hold it there.
See also: lay
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Impressing many so far this season, the youngster will no doubt be thrilled to lay against Liverpool and is 13/2 to net first or 12/1 to score 2 or more.
That's an extremely serious charge to lay against a Prime Minister but we will be due a very big apology and I'm going to get it.
And seam; the way they lay Against the hip or fit The knee.
Conclusion Possible question marks over merit of debut win make him a lay against a couple of interesting rivals.
The 68-year-old,from Scarisbrick, was a visiting player with his team from Hurlston Hall Golf Club, Scarisbrick, top lay against Southport Park Golf Club on Monday.
Last night the jet's remains lay against a tree in a field.
79, of Lancaster, lay against a wall underneath the branches of an olive tree, also with a gunshot to the head.
It is a great opportunity for our squad top lay against top class players.
REAL MADRID have seldom been reliable on their travels in La Liga this season, and they look a lay against Albacete this evening, writes Ian Coyne.
Darlington's top scorer Barry Conlon saw red for violent conduct on 55 minutes when he swung wildly at the ball as it lay against the body of David Eaton who was stretched out on the ground.