lay a trip on

lay a (heavy) trip on someone

1. Inf. to criticize someone. There's no need to lay a trip on me. I agree with you. When he finally does get there, I'm going to lay a heavy trip on him like he'll never forget.
2. Inf. to confuse or astonish someone. After he laid a heavy trip on me about how the company is almost broke, I cleaned out my desk and left. After Mary laid a trip on John about leaving him, all he could do was cry.
3. and lay a guilt trip on someone Inf. to attempt to make someone feel very guilty. Why do you have to lay a guilt trip on me? Why don't you go to a shrink? Of course, she just had to lay a trip on him about being bossy, self-centered, and aloof.
4. Inf. to reveal serious or devastating information to someone. That's a powerful story. I didn't know you were going to lay a heavy trip like that on me. Man, you really laid a trip on me.
See also: lay, on, trip