law unto

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law unto

A phrase used to describe someone who acts independently of what is normal or expected. Julie has always marched to the beat of her own drum. She's a law unto herself.
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a law unto yourself

COMMON If you describe a person or organization as a law unto themselves, you mean that they do what they want, ignoring laws, rules, or usual ways of doing things. He does his work well but in an unconventional way. He is truly a law unto himself. Most athletic departments are pretty much a law unto themselves — unaccountable in terms of where this money goes.
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a law unto (oneself)

A totally independent operator: An executive who is a law unto herself.
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And when some of Taylor's members demand the outrageous wages that result in fans paying up to PS60 for a ticket, I'd have thought being a law unto yourself was something Taylor (above, left) welcomed.
The fact is that once you reach the top of the tree in football you're a law unto yourself.
But that's what happens when you are a law unto yourself.
Except if you're a law unto yourself - as Warren Buffett is.
Personality Profile: You are a law unto yourself, and as such, refuse to follow conventional rules.
After a jury found him guilty of blackmail, Recorder John Muir described Thoms' behaviour as "deplorable", telling him: "You seem to have considered yourself a law unto yourself with no concerns about how your actions would affect hard-working, honest members of the public.