law unto

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law unto

A phrase used to describe someone who acts independently of what is normal or expected. Julie has always marched to the beat of her own drum. She's a law unto herself.
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a law unto yourself

COMMON If you describe a person or organization as a law unto themselves, you mean that they do what they want, ignoring laws, rules, or usual ways of doing things. He does his work well but in an unconventional way. He is truly a law unto himself. Most athletic departments are pretty much a law unto themselves — unaccountable in terms of where this money goes.
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a law unto (oneself)

A totally independent operator: An executive who is a law unto herself.
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References in classic literature ?
In this savage world where there was no law the Big Bwana was law unto himself and all who dwelt about him.
Phil Bardsley, who was pictured on his back in a casino draped in PS50 notes looked to be a law unto himself.
He always runs well but can be a law unto himself at Trains at Newcastle times, but he's guaranteed to give you a run for your money.
I think that what happened to General MacArthur was, he became a law unto himself," said David Hackworth, a decorated soldier who served in Korea and Vietnam.
Brady added: "I am afraid Mr Blatter is a law unto himself.
He's not supposed to send me into the crowd so I can get abused but he's a law unto himself so I expect a visit to the FA again to explain myself.
But actor Kris Marshall has always been a law unto himself, both on-screen and off.
Volatile and unpredictable, Iles is a connoisseur of teenage girls and also a law unto himself, exploiting a weak chief constable to run his patch like a private empire.
Jane's lover, Edward Rochester, to whose ward she is governess, is a strange, violent man, bereft of conventional courtesy, a law unto himself.
Mr Saunders seems to be a law unto himself - can he do exactly what he wants?
Sir Alex Ferguson has for too long been a law unto himself, again something that isn't a problem with a football club but is with a publicly-quoted company.
Taylor (right) last night confirmed the brewing discontent and said: "He cannot be a law unto himself.
As a cricketing superstar he is unique, and I am afraid he has become almost a law unto himself.
He hates himself for it, but whenever he's out of the States and away from his 'people' he's a law unto himself.
He acted like a law unto himself and had an attitude bordering on contempt.