law unto

law unto

A phrase used to describe someone who acts independently of what is normal or expected. Julie has always marched to the beat of her own drum. She's a law unto herself.
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a law unto yourself

COMMON If you describe a person or organization as a law unto themselves, you mean that they do what they want, ignoring laws, rules, or usual ways of doing things. He does his work well but in an unconventional way. He is truly a law unto himself. Most athletic departments are pretty much a law unto themselves — unaccountable in terms of where this money goes.
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a law unto (oneself)

A totally independent operator: An executive who is a law unto herself.
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References in classic literature ?
Likewise beautiful women have always been a law unto themselves.
In this savage world where there was no law the Big Bwana was law unto himself and all who dwelt about him.
It was as if she had been made afresh out of new elements, and must perforce be permitted to live her own life, and be a law unto herself without her eccentricities being reckoned to her for a crime.
There was not enough sea, though, to disturb even a dory's tackle, but the Carrie Pitman was a law unto herself.
They are fast becoming a law unto themselves and a danger to the rest of us.
The problem is that the FA is a law unto itself," said the director of football at Queens Park Rangers (left).
This is a company that seems to be a law unto itself in the way it operates its business.
This is a company that seems to be a law unto itself in the way it operates its business and, as we have seen with no set price and a sliding scale, the market has been deliberately manipulated into charging you higher rates of fares.
The people should not take law into their hands and they should not behave as if they were law unto themselves.
The Federation are not a law unto themselves and they never should be.
Annoyingly, though, not in done, which is a pesky law unto itself.
NCC do not listen to anyone, they are a law unto themselves.
Jhiadists have their own law which is a law unto themselves.
It seems they area law unto themselves, that is, they appear to be above the law.
HAVING read your front page of December 30 regarding the taxi driver and his dangerous antics, I do not envy taxi drivers but they do seem to be a law unto themselves.