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lavish something (up)on someone

to give something freely to someone; to squander something on someone. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) The manager lavished all sorts of favors upon the new employee. Susan lavished compliments on the cook.
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lavish on

To give or bestow something in abundance to someone or something: The critics lavished praise on the new movie. The pundits lavished scorn on the new mayor.
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lavish with

To enhance or praise something or someone with something: The teacher lavished the best students with praise. The tables were lavished with decorations.
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Such lavishness may tempt palace personnel to seek to improve their working conditions as much as possible, paving the way for profiteering in top positions, Efe added.
The AK Party and Erdoy-an, who had a presidential palace built for himself that is known for its lavishness and more than 1.
The civic body will also be sending awareness messages to people through smartphones, emails, radio and TV channels asking them to reduce wastage and avoid lavishness in daily purchases.
The love-driven lavishness when dining, however, stops just short of gifts with 86 percent of respondents admitting that they do not exchange gifts at the table.
It is high time we got rid of our lavishness and lead a modest, compassionate life not only for our own good but also for the well-being of the poor and needy, especially during this period of financial crisis, catastrophes and global warming.
The stylish decor of this pleasant establishment mimics the lavishness of its famous royal neighbour overlooking the area.
and European arts media, which criticized the lavishness of the sprawling facility.
Erdoy-an refers to the newly-built presidential palace in Ankara's BeE-tepe neighborhood -- criticized for its lavishness, high cost and legal troubles pertaining to construction permit -- as a "kE-lliye.
Currently, consumers are still lapping up any information on the royals and purchasing, but by the end of the year, it is likely that all the lavishness will come under criticism, particularly when taxpayers' money is involved, causing the reputation of royalty to go from admiration to possible ridicule.
It includes colorful necklaces, bangles and earrings made of yellow gold, sterling silver and enamel with ornaments and motifs reflecting the lavishness and opulence that are characteristic of Art Deco style.
Floral still life took on a new lavishness for the rising 19th century middle class with the work of Pierre-Joseph Redoute, who painted the Empress Josephine's roses and lilacs.
The salary cap, free agency's annoying sidekick, prevents such lavishness.
Some think the lavishness of the surroundings and the obsession with tradition adds to the mystique of the Royal Family.
Petersburg, Florida will enjoy 5 nights of lavishness and opulence in Cabo San Lucas residing in the Villa Las Olas provided by The Society's Luxe Alliance partner Lifestyle Villas of Los Cabos.