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lay someone out in lavender

Fig. to scold someone severely. She was really mad. She laid him out in lavender and really put him in his place. If you ever feel like you need to lay me out in lavender again, just forget it.
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lay something up in lavender

preserve something carefully for future use.
The flowers and stalks of lavender were traditionally used as a preservative for stored clothes.
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lay someone out in lavender

tv. to scold or rebuke someone severely. She really laid him out in lavender for that.
See also: lavender, lay, out
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Lavender Munstead is a beautiful dwarf variety, which grows into a compact 40cm shrub as illustrated.
Make curly hair for your lavender buddy by wrapping pipe cleaners around a pencil.
Perhaps the most commonly known and widely accepted quality of lavender is relaxation.
Regards, M R Wilson Southampton Hi - I wouldn't recommend dividing lavender because it's a shrub with a woody stem.
We can also get to see the extraction of lavender oil, take part in the processing of dried lavender and be exposed to the wonderful aroma and colour of what is known as the queen of herbs.
The Global Lavender Oil Industry Report 2014 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the lavender oil industry.
Apart from the Daredevils playing in an all- lavender kit, every player from both the teams will be wearing lavender ribbon.
THE lavender is very subtle in these delightful and definitely adult truffles.
What you''ll need: Some thin material like muslin Scissors Ribbon Lavender What the Royal Horticultural Society says to do: 1.
It can be enjoyed as a low hedge, edging a pathway, spilling out of borders or even, for me, just looking at fields of lavender grown commercially, tumbling down fields in the heat of Provence.
There's nothing more appealing than a low lavender hedge beside a garden path, or the splash of perfumed colour holding back the overflow of plants from the herbaceous border in high summer.
The funding will be used for the purchase of lavender harvesters and tractors, as well as for mounted greenhouses, drip irrigation systems, etc.
But for all its beauty, fragrance and even medicinal qualities, lavender will break a gardener's heart, says Orr.
You will think you are dreaming in a lavender field in Old Provence
As well as lavender ice cream, demonstrations, lavender jelly tea cakes and tea, lavender gifts in the gift shop and lavender in use all over the historic house, there are special lavender fact notes dotted around the site.