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laughing stock

A person who is the subject of mockery after a blunder. If I mess up this speech, I'll be the laughing stock of the school!
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someone or something that is the target of ridicule. After he passed out at the president's dinner, he became the laughingstock of all his colleagues.

make a laughingstock of (oneself or something)

 and make (oneself or something) a laughingstock
to make oneself a source of ridicule or laughter; to do something that invites ridicule. Laura made herself a laughingstock by arriving at the fast-food restaurant in full evening dress. The board of directors made the company a laughingstock by hiring an ex-convict as president.
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make a laughingstock of

Lay open to ridicule, as in They made a laughingstock of the chairman by inviting him to the wrong meeting-place, or She felt she was making a laughingstock of herself, always wearing the wrong clothes for the occasion . The noun laughingstock replaced the earlier mockingstock and sportingstock, now obsolete. The idiom was first recorded in 1667.
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He has transformed Wales from being a virtual laughingstock into a side capable on its day of beating any nation in Europe.
But when he ran again and again, without a realistic hope of winning, he became a laughingstock.
Is your lawn the laughingstock of your neighborhood?
With a confident smirk, I would put my hand up--only to be reduced to the class laughingstock, stumbling over my words before I could even start my elaborately planned response.
Of course, it all goes wrong, since computers aren't infallible, and after making an all-too-public bid for Christine's affection Jeremy is once again a laughingstock.
The obviously deceptive nutrition claims made about greasy fried chicken in these KFC ads made the campaign a national laughingstock," Jacobson says.
He, the Eternal Son of God, has become a laughingstock of His enemies.
We're the laughingstock of the Forest Service in Washington, D.
They implored the board members not to adopt the policy, saying it would dilute the quality of science education and make graduates of the district the laughingstock of college admission offices.
The former PC says she became a laughingstock following her father's phonecall to her boss.
Harrison's tilting, jerry-built Unplugged, 2000, makes a laughingstock of Payphone, 2002, the slanted digital gimmick by Robert Lazzarini a room away (the catalogue informs us that his work is "astonishing," which is untrue sculpturally and would be unfortunate artistically).
While these same leaders, sheltered in their cozy little offices in National Defence Headquarters, may pat themselves on the back and consider themselves on the cutting edge of political correctness and sensitivity towards women, they appear to have lost all sense of perspective as well as the fact that our service personnel became the laughingstock of their coalition counterparts when the Canadian ships in the Arabian Sea struck their colours on 6 December.
IT might look like a college team, but this erstwhile laughingstock is finally starting to play like a pro power.
And when Bush led the United States out of the Kyoto accord on global warming, he turned Washington into a laughingstock, with 178 nations on one side and the United States on the other.
Through its poetic, unpretentious images, Psalm 31 made my feelings tangible and concrete: "For all my foes I am an object of reproach, a laughingstock to my neighbors, and a dread to my friends; they who see me abroad flee from me.