laugh yourself silly

laugh (oneself) silly

To laugh a lot. I love getting together with my childhood friends because we always seem to laugh ourselves silly.
See also: laugh, silly

laugh yourself silly (or sick)

laugh uncontrollably or for a long time.
See also: laugh, silly

— yourself silly

be unable to act rationally because of doing something to excess.
1998 Time Out N.Y. Drink yourself silly at the long bar or chow down at the large tables in the back.
See also: silly
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99 LAUGH yourself silly at another six episodes of the award-winning BBC Two comedy, written by and starring comedian Miranda Hart.
The entertainment doesn't just come in the form of music, as you can laugh yourself silly too.
Laugh yourself silly while watching comedian Marco Rima, before finding your inner calm during a performance by Tibetan singer Dechen Shak-Dagsay.
You have to laugh yourself silly, laugh for no reason, play like a child and you will see the sense of humour flowing," said Sahar.
You may be surprised if you've only seen him on telly, but open your mind and laugh yourself silly.
GET ready to laugh yourself silly at a summer festival with a difference as tickets for the Carlsberg Comedy Carnival go on sale today.
COMEDY AGAINST CANCER: Laugh yourself silly while raising money for the weSPARK Cancer Support Center based in Sherman Oaks.
LAUGH yourself silly with the award winning WKLOS's fresh and original version of popular Franz Lehar classic The Merry Widow.
Someone to laugh yourself silly with no matter what the boss said or how your stocks performed that day.
It's not exactly a major calorie-burner - you can laugh yourself silly, but not thin - yet it does help move nutrients and oxygen along to the body's tissues.
After asking the nation to sacrifice through shopping, assuring us that Bin Laden would be captured dead or alive and declaring mission accomplished in Mesopotamia, why cry about W's lies when you can laugh yourself silly at "DUMBYA'S RAPTURE.
You'll laugh yourself silly as everyone's favourite Welshman reveals he's just like every other man who's unable to deal with the plumbing or panicked at the thought of school sports day.
Tickets are still available so call 01738 621 031 and prepare to laugh yourself silly in exchange for pounds 18.
If you're looking for a way to temporarily put aside that spring cleaning and laugh yourself silly, Stageloft Repertory Theater will provide you with the perfect remedy.