laugh off

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laugh something off

to treat a serious problem lightly by laughing at it. Although his feelings were hurt, he just laughed the incident off as if nothing had happened. He laughed off the incident.
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laugh off something

also laugh something off
to act as if something is not important to you It's not easy to laugh off an insult. She criticizes his work constantly but he doesn't get angry, he just laughs it off.
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laugh off

Also, laugh away. Dismiss as ridiculous or trivial, as in He laughed off the suggestion that his career was over. [Early 1700s]
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laugh off

or laugh away
1. To dismiss something or someone as ridiculous or laughable: She laughed off the critic's conclusion that the show was a flop. The landlord wanted more money, but I laughed him away.
2. To force someone to leave some area because of laughter or ridicule: The audience laughed the singer off the stage. The other team laughed us away from the field.
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One in which we can laugh off the image others have of us, or one in which we bitterly complain and sue?
But to laugh off reports that rumours about his impending marriage are a joke and "amazing'' was demeaning to girlfriend Nancy Dell'Olio, and ungallant.
He continues to laugh off the threats posed to students and the faculty from a jerry-rigged mitigation system to deal with the methane and hydrogen sulfide problems and the multiple investigations of wrongdoing.
Ministers are under strict orders not to discuss the shake-up and Mr Byers later tried to laugh off the error as a joke.
Mantle had long ago learned to laugh off the beat reporters with jokes; Maris was an earnest ball-player whose drably pragmatic perspective hardly made for good copy, so he found himself misquoted in an effort to generate controversy.
Oracle has declined to comment, except for the attempt by one company executive to laugh off the rumors.
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