laugh about

laugh about someone or something

to chuckle or giggle loudly about someone or something. Please don't laugh about Sue. It's not funny. They were laughing about my haircut.
See also: laugh
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There are people who laugh about having cancer, having HIV.
We all have precious little to laugh about at the moment.
Babies first laugh about three or four months after birth, way before they can understand a joke.
People are brought up to laugh about certain things.
Comedian Richard Jeni, five of the comics from the reality show Last Comic Standing and several other headliners will offer their views on all the quirks that come with starting new relationships while sharing a laugh about that fun-filled relationship stage known as "dating.
And that's exactly what this remarkable volunteer has done for the past four years at ONE, spending three days a week making seniors - many of them suffering from the onset of Alzheimer's - find something to smile and laugh about.
What makes me laugh about my character is that he's not really as smart or cool or good-looking as he thinks he is.
If there's anything on the field to laugh about, he'll make sure you do.
Today people are so depressed, you hear so much about kids killing kids and they have nothing to laugh about,'' she said.