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latrine lips

(ləˈtrin ˈlɪps)
n. a person who uses dirty language. Hey, latrine lips! Cool it!
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latrine rumor

(ləˈtrin ˈrumɚ)
n. any rumor, especially one that is alleged to spread at the latrine [general toilet facilities]. (see also furphy, scuttlebutt.) Somebody started spreading a latrine rumor about the colonel’s wife.
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latrine wireless

(ləˈtrin ˈwɑɪɚləs)
n. the free exchange of information and gossip at the general toilet facilities. (see also grapevine, latrine rumor. This wireless alludes to the older term for a radio, not to modern wireless telephony.) It came over the latrine wireless this morning. We’re all shipping out.
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For a PS60 donation, people can twin their toilets at home, work, school or church with a latrine in a number of countries.
For their first latrine, people spend around $7 to $9 for a basic model with a cement pan and wooden cover.
Other items are buckets and gloves, face masks to protect against the dust, soap and bleach, everything needed for thorough cleanliness to be maintained at the water pump and in the latrines with the hand washing stations.
The extent to which microbes from pit latrine wastes may be transported and contaminate groundwater largely depends on the environmental context of the area, particularly hydrological and soil conditions.
The team began with the goal of building four latrines in Manolito, but during the process discovered an old well that was not functioning.
Kids are often scared of the dark, so latrines need to be well lit.
The prevalence of raccoons and their latrine sites may have a direct impact on other wildlife species, including woodrat populations.
Nineteen employees, ranging from case clerks to senior partners, will be heading to Durazno, Guatemala, for a week-long service trip in January to build latrines in the remote village.
So far 1,600 latrines have been installed in Burundi - providing safe loos for nearly 10,000 people.
It also includes data on source of drinking water, source of lighting and cooking fuel used, availability of proper kitchen, bathroom, latrine and type of latrine, media of information such as T.
Most of the men on board simply lay down in the rushing latrine water not really caring if they even survived such a terrifying storm.
Deputy Presiding Officer Rosemary Butler yesterday received a framed photo of the National Assembly's twinned latrine in Burundi, along with its exact geographical coordinates, which are searchable on Google Earth, to mark the donation.
An average of 151 students of colleges across the country have to use one latrine; 147 students per latrine in Punjab, 143 students per latrine in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 330 students per latrine in Balochistan and 146 students per latrine in Sindh.