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*in a lather

Fig. flustered; excited and agitated. (*Typically: be ~; get [into] ~.) Now, calm down. Don't be in a lather. I always get in a lather when I'm late. I get into a lather easily.
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lather something up

to apply thick soapsuds to something, such as part of the body or all of it. He lathered his face up in preparation for shaving. He lathered up his face.
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lather up

1. [for a horse] to develop a foam of sweat from working very hard. The horses lathered up heavily during the race. Don't let your horse lather up!
2. [for soap] to develop thick suds when rubbed in water. This soap won't lather up, even when I rub it hard. When the soap lathers up, spread the lather on your face and rub.
3. and lather oneself up [for one] to apply soap lather to one's body. He will spend a few minutes lathering himself up before he rinses. He lathered up and then shaved.
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work oneself (up) into a lather

 and work oneself (up) into a sweat 
1. and work up a sweat Lit. to work very hard and sweat very much. (In the way that a horse works up a lather.) Don't work yourself up into a lather. We don't need to finish this today. I worked myself into a sweat getting this stuff ready.
2. . Fig. to get excited or angry. (An elaboration of work oneself up to something.) Now, now, don't work yourself up into a lather. He had worked himself into such a sweat, I was afraid he would have a stroke.
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be in a lather

to be very anxious about something She was in a real lather when I left this morning because she couldn't find the tickets. (informal)
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in a lather

Also, in a state. Agitated and anxious, as in Don't get yourself in a lather over this, or She was in a state over the flight cancellation. The first term alludes to the frothy sweat of a horse, the second to an upset state of mind. [Early 1800s] For a synonym, see in a stew.
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lather up

1. To cover some surface with lather or foam: He lathered up his chin and shaved the stubble. She lathered her hair up with the new shampoo.
2. To produce or become filled or covered with lather or foam: This shaving cream lathers up as soon as you put it on your skin.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. The two brothers sat there and got lathered.
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work oneself (up) into a lather

1. tv. to work very hard and sweat very much. (In the way that a horse works up a lather.) Don’t work yourself up into a lather. We don’t need to finish this today.
2. tv. to get excited or angry. (An elaboration of work oneself up to something.) Now, now, don’t work yourself up into a lather.
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work oneself into a lather

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Unlike basic cleansers that can disrupt the lipid bi-layer and strip skin of essential moisture, new Olay Daily Facials Lathering Cleansing Cloths promote skin health by maintaining the lipid bi-layer.
Aquea Scientific are the pioneers in the field of topical and transdermal delivery of active ingredients in lathering products.
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As with the debunked story of his lathering a prostitute's child, that the president's supporters plainly see him as capable of such an act, if not necessarily guilty in this particular instance, is to damn the man as fully as his most vociferous enemies.
Lathering sweat was spotted on Spinning World's coat during a jog Tuesday, forcing his owners' racing manager Alan Cooper to claim that's normal for Europe's best miler.
Hamposyl surfactants include Hamposyl n-acyl sarcosinates and Hamposyl acyl glutamates for lathering.