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VERDICT: On first impressions the bottle looked more like a cream or a conditioner, than a shampoo, however it lathered well and smelled great.
It felt very moisturising as soon as it went on, but it still lathered up well.
While it cleaned and lathered well and left hair smooth, I didn't feel it was any more colour sensitive than the others.
The Dutchmen traveled from village to village dining on such delicacies as beaver meat, beans lathered with bear grease and cooked pumpkin.
CREATED by star stylist Denise McAdam, this shampoo is a pleasant-smelling product which lathered nicely on the scalp and rinsed out easily.
It lathered straightaway and made the skin feel pampered.
Shelling out money to have their cars lathered with suds and hand-dried with a diaper is appealing, as long as the clouds don't release a torrent of rain and spite the shiny results the next day.
Once I gained access to the shampoo, the liquid lathered easily and washed out with ease.
Cover the area with water and coat with a generous layer of lathered shaving cream--try a cream specifically for the bikini line.
As late as the mid-nineteenth century, a Venetian minstrel could refer to Rinaldo as a "birba," a rascal, who lathered over fifty bastards.