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Smells like honeycomb heaven, but it went on slimy and didn't really lather up.
When applied to my skin, it did lather up well, and had a pleasant scent.
When you lather up shampoo, you are making lots of tiny bubbles.
If a nation wants to enjoy the benefits of the Euro, its barbers must stop using shaving brushes to lather up their customers' beards.
Then watch it lather up while you gently buff away dead skin cells.
Free Willy, a whale of a radio, is water resistant and has a digital clock on his back, so you can keep track of the time at the pool or beach, or hang him in the shower for the morning news while you lather up.
TM) and Softsoap(R) Lather Up for Good Health(TM) educational messages to consumers.
In several ShopRites with shopper child care centers, there will also be special hand washing education for children from the Softsoap(R) Lather Up for Good Health(TM) consumer health program.
The Softsoap(R) Lather up for Good Health(TM) initiative reminds adult consumers how and when to wash and aims to establish this healthy habit in the very young," said Diana K.
Doesn't lather up much, but feels really soft and left skin silky.