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Discipline is the last ditch attempt to influence a physician.
The lawsuit against a member of the Official Bondholders Committee represents a last ditch attempt by KKR to preserve its control over the Company when the creditors are on the verge of voting KKR out.
The notion that we could just drop the golf course clearly is a last ditch attempt to destroy the whole development, school and all, which has been HAPA and CBD's aim, at least until now.
REAL MADRID have made a last ditch attempt to sign Arjen Robben - in a move which will infuriate Chelsea.
The Fire Brigades Union said the meeting with fire authority employers would be a last ditch attempt to rescue a pay deal worked out after a series of stoppages in 2002 and 2003.
Now Chelsea have been told an operation will be the only course of action if one last ditch attempt at physiotherapy and a rehabilitation programme fails.
Some commentators reckon this is just a last ditch attempt by his followers to convince us he's not dead, but I'm not sure.
A temporary bar was yesterday placed on the export of a jewel-like painting by the Renaissance master Raphael in a last ditch attempt to keep it in the UK.
With many companies now cutting muscle in a last ditch attempt to stay afloat in this economy, we have an outstanding opportunity to pick up quality individuals.
In a last ditch attempt they have placed adverts in shop windows in Maidstone, Kent, for an egg donor to come forward.
Mercer made a last ditch attempt to snatch third place in his Metro 6R4 but only managed to equal the total time of another competitor and, because he was slower than his rival on the opening stage, he had to settle for fourth spot.
And in a last ditch attempt to avoid further job losses at the Prestwick plant, Ayrshire, BAe are to bus about 100 of their 1600 workers to factories in the south.
You must make a last ditch attempt to reach the alien world, foil their monstrous schemes, and figure out how to make peace with your own murderous kind.
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