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at large

1. Roaming freely, as of a criminal who has not been caught. The robbery suspect is still at large and is considered very dangerous.
2. As a whole; in general. That change in curriculum has not been accepted by the teachers at large.
3. Representative of the whole, rather than smaller groups, as of certain elected offices. Who has been elected to act for the community at large?
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by and large

In general; overall. It's a really cute town, and I like it by and large, but it's just so far from all of my friends in the city.
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writ large

Apparent in a more noticeable or obvious way or to a greater extent. The new blockbuster is really just a simple old story writ large. Come election season, we see all our national concerns writ large.
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The family business based at Larges Farm, Back Lane, Meriden is accredited to selling traditional rare breed meats such as Gloucester Old Spot pork and is licensed to deal in game such as venison, wild boar and pheasants.
John's Center," taking advantage of the emergence of the neighborhood, which is increasingly attractive to large corporate users and is in the heart of several high-profile new residential developments.
As evidence the court cited the large number of non Catholics employed by the charity, the non-Catholics it serves and its "no proselytism" approach.
The book may be felt to be "impossible," but equally it fills up "ces larges trous dans le savoir du monde" and projects an imaginable adoration of body and mind of the other, a conscious choice of humanism over misogyny, of health over sickness.
La correspondance n'occupe aucune place distinctive dans cet ouvrage et se fond avec d'autres documents tels que des rapports administratifs, des journaux de campagne, des ordonnances royales, des memoires de fournitures pour les forts, voire meme de larges extraits d'articles de l'auteur paru precedemment (voir notamment aux pages 71 suiv.
The ice would have broken off glaciers on Greenland and drifted out to sea, dropping larges stones along the way as it melted.
The GAO believes larges borrowings or large deposits by an audit committee member may limit the member's ability to oversee the institution independently.
Janney is an independently operated subsidiary of The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company, the seventh larges mutual insurance company in the nation, and is a member of the New York Stock Exchange, Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and Securities Investor Protection Corporation.
500 militaires et policiers, mais qui sont dissemines dans de larges zones difficilement accessibles meme pendant la saison seche.
Son inspiration est le mentor qui le vire sensiblement vers cette force et qui depasse largement les mots pour nous offrir une voie, un Zephire mediterraneen pour que nous puissions ajuster nos voiles et parcourir les larges.
Ali Karti a explique que la reunion a discute la facilitation des mesures du travail des soudanais et les fournir plus larges possibilites d'emploi en Libye.
Il a, dans ce sens, emis des doutes sur la capacite du gouvernement "de poursuivre les chantiers de reformes et de developpement lances depuis l'experience du gouvernement d'alternance d'Abderrahmane El Youssoufi", appelant le chef du gouvernement a "mettre en uvre les larges pouvoirs dont il jouit en vertu de la nouvelle constitution pour traduire dans les faits les slogans de lutte contre la corruption et mettre en place un veritable projet social et economique pour le Maroc".
Le [beaucoup moins que]tweet[beaucoup plus grand que] susmentionne, avait suscite de larges remous, au point que la tension etait monte d'un cran les jours passes entre Le Caire et Washington, au moment oE la porte-parole du secretariat d'Etat americain, Victoria Noland, a souligne que chaque ambassade etait responsable des ses [beaucoup moins que]tweet[beaucoup plus grand que] et qu'elle devrait traiter avec sagesse avec ses comptes sur le reseau social.
The South Pars Gas Field, the world's larges gas reserve, is located in the Persian Gulf waters shared by Iran and Qatar.
The Turkish President said Turkey had vast experience in the construction sector and the worlds second larges fleet of 250 construction companies after China, which were building dams and big projects.